Crazy Random Polls

Rod Danger

Hello again :) Hope you enjoy these polls!

Alright, let’s see how nutty y’all are :)



Great artwork by fan viewer of Onision.

Fun Questions With Onision

Professional studio picture of Onision.

I’m going to try to ask you a number of fun¬†questions… let’s see where everyone¬†stands on these topics.

Longer than usual, I know, but I’m a curious person ;)

Tough Questions: Controversial Polls

Onision dressed as the joker from batman.

Here are a number of polls that ask controversial/tough questions… where do you stand?

New Weird Onision Polls

Cool drawing of Onision.

Let’s have some random fun with some new Onision polls :)

That’s all for now… hope you enjoyed the polls :)

Take my stupid polls :)

Vicky from Onision videos.

Some more fun polls, hope you enjoy as always :)



I know some of the questions/answers were messed up… I put them in there to make myself laugh :)

Quiz: You Don’t Know Onision

Transexual cosplayer Onision.

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