Take my stupid polls :)

Vicky from Onision videos.

Some more fun polls, hope you enjoy as always :)



I know some of the questions/answers were messed up… I put them in there to make myself laugh :)

Quiz: You Don’t Know Onision

Transexual cosplayer Onision.

New Onision Polls :)

Emo Charlie without any makeup.

Hey! Thanks for taking these polls, it’s really cool to know what you all think.

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The Darker Side of You

Onision Joker Rising Up

I’m taking more polls, this time they will be focused on your darker side… some of these questions pose ridiculously improbable situations, but bare with me… let’s learn the truth about you.

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People Falling

Onision Frozen In Mid Air Dressed As Woman

Sometimes videos just don’t fit in on YouTube so they wind up on other sites, Onision.net is one example. The following is a video I recorded a while ago, hope you take amusement from it :)

Weird Questions About You

Onision Dressed As Vicky

I’d like to know more about you… so prepare your mind for some really weird questions…

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Onision In Front Of Brick Wall

This quiz is to test how much you know about Onision… enjoy.


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