The Darker Side of You

Onision Joker Rising Up

I’m taking more polls, this time they will be focused on your darker side… some of these questions pose ridiculously improbable situations, but bare with me… let’s learn the truth about you.


People Falling

Onision Frozen In Mid Air Dressed As Woman

Sometimes videos just don’t fit in on YouTube so they wind up on other sites, is one example. The following is a video I recorded a while ago, hope you take amusement from it :)

Weird Questions About You

Onision Dressed As Vicky

I’d like to know more about you… so prepare your mind for some really weird questions…


Onision In Front Of Brick Wall

This quiz is to test how much you know about Onision… enjoy.

Onision Asked For It

Onision Cosplaying As Batman's Joker

Another day of voting, let’s get a little more dramatic this time, should be really interesting.

Thanks for voting everyone, I’m curious to see what the results are :)

YouTuber Criticism

Onision Dressed As Superman

Let’s find out how people feel about YouTube & the things YouTubers do… should be fun :)

No BS Onision Polls

Onision Cosplaying As Satan

I’m interested to know your opinion on various things revolving around my videos, YouTube channels & you. If you’d like to vote, awesome :) Have fun.


Vicky’s Leaked Nude Photos

Onision Smiling Dressed As Superman

Vicky tells Emo Charlie that her photos leaked and sends him on a mission to recover them… can Charlie find them and stop the person leaking her pics? Of course not.

The FULL orginal script:
Vicky: Charlie!
Charlie: What?
Vicky: Someone leaked my nude photos.
Charlie: …ok, I wouldn’t worry.
Vicky: Why?
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Nude Photo Leak Logic

Jennifer Lawrence Middle Finger

Saying “If you don’t want nude photos leaked don’t take them.” is just like saying “If you don’t want to die on the operating table don’t get surgery.”

Just because you take part in something, doesn’t mean you deserve the WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOME.

So many people have made that idiotic statement over and over again & I’m pretty sick of it. No one deserves to have their private photos leaked. If someone leaks their own photos or asks to have them released, an obvious responsibility exists, but otherwise? They clearly weren’t asking for it.

What Happened To The Onision Forums?

Onision As L Death Note Cosplay

After shelling out a bit of cash & debating with the people at GoDaddy for hours, I had to come to the unfortunate conclusion that the Onision Forums could no longer reasonably exist through GoDaddy.

GoDaddy was asking me to pay $300-$450 a month just to keep the site functioning due to security issues was enduring.

They did not guarantee the site would function as I hoped even if I did pay that amount monthly, so after exploring the various possibilities they concluded the site was not welcome on a shared server (having been too popular to exist on one prior) and it could not exist in it’s current state either (having security issues/being compromised).

Long story short, I don’t want to put tons of time into a community that is just going to kill itself like it did before.

The new site will take things in a new direction, what that is, we’ll see.

Thank you everyone who put so much time into that site, unfortunately, the few ruined it for everyone once again.


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