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Butterfly in the wind without a care

Posted by Leben.the.light. in Illusions or Illustrations?, 30 July 2014 - - - - - - · 20 views

Although I'm still getting a grasp on life and how things work I learned a very valuable lesson. It doesn't matter. I used to try so hard to make people like me, it got so bad that no one even wanted to talk to me. So to fix this problem I stopped caring if people liked me or not. I started focusing on doing things I like and my close friends. In the long run it's not going to matter that the cute boy who sits next to me in math doesn't like me. It's not going to affect me physically at all. What do I really have to complain about? I have a soft bed to sleep in, a computer to type this on, a phone... scratch that, a smart phone which I can download music on and text and call and play on, I have a tablet that has lots of games, so what if I don't have a TV? So what if my mother screams at me? So what if my dad isn't around? So what if my friend can't come over? I bought most of my electronics with the money I was lucky enough to earn by a weekly allowance based on whether or not I did my chores. It's simply a good life although there are speed bumps. So what if I get a little depressed due to the past? The past is just that: the past! There's no point in dwelling in places everyone has moved away from.

Blackmon pt2

Posted by BlackAngelWings in Books and short stories, 30 July 2014 - - - - - - · 37 views

He looked down at me and quickly lifted my small body up and against his, pressing his lips to mine. Without realizing, I kissed back, as though some great explosion had started inside of me and had to get out. Our embrace, and our kiss seemed to last for hours as I closed my eyes and let my consciousness wander. For a long while, the kiss seemed as though it was just our lips pressed together, but without my noticing, he had started to nibble gently on my lower lip and had brought one of his hands up to my neck. I was floating, now, high above the clouds with my dear stranger, until out of nowhere a hawk came swooping out of the trees and screamed, ruining the fantasy.

"What are you two doing?!", screamed Mrs. Garrett, clearly horrified. "What are you two thinking?? How could you think you could just start kissing in the hallways for twenty minutes?!" She continued to scream, but to me it was only a blur of gibberish screeches. I tried to pull away from Davis, to see if we could somehow get out of this trouble, but instead of letting my pull away, he held me tighter to him and kept looking only at me. A fresh wave of embarrassment flooded me and my cheeks went hot and red, as I thought of what it must have looked like to Mrs. Garrett, but he still clung to me firmly. I gave in and stopped trying to pull away, clinging to his strong body, and trying to block out Mrs. Garrett. But Mrs. Garrett wasn't yelling at us anymore, in fact, it seemed as though she didn't even notice us.

"Jinny, don't think too much of this, and don't tell anyone about it, okay?" he said quietly, looking into my eyes blankly. Shame washed over me, as I thought of how stupid I must have been to believe he actually liked me. "Of course, Davis. I'm sorry," I said as I looked away from him. Hugging me tightly again, he murmured "We can do this again sometime, if you want. I really would like to." My eyes lit up and I quickly nodded my head as I slipped out of his arms and ran down the hall, back to class.

As I sat back down in math class, my mind again began to race with ideas. I had given up all hope of paying any attention to my classes that day, there was no way I could focus on anything but My Stranger. His piercing blue eyes seemed were tattooed to my eyelids, and I kept drifting back to his kiss, his strong arms, and his lean body. And one thing came back into my mind, Mrs. Garrett. It was like she forgot we even existed, I thought. Like she couldn't even see us.

Again, the bell sounded and I gathered my books and quickly walked to Science. The crowded hallways felt like a war-zone, a battlefield where only the biggest can survive. When I finally reached my class, I was late as usual, but Mr B didn't notice. I saw Isabel and rushed to my seat next to her. As his usual presentation began, and the lights went out, we began our conversation. "Iss, do you remember that Davis guy?" I asked in a hushed tone. "Who? You mean that Brumlow one?" she responded. "No, the Blackmon one" "I've never heard of him, Jin" she whispered, looking at me as though I had barked at her like a dog.

I spent the rest of the day pondering how she couldn't have remembered My Stranger. Maybe she was just fooling around. Maybe she just wanted to mess with me, I thought. But what about Mrs. Garrett, she would never let a student get away with that! I spent the day in a haze, and when I boarded the bus, I could have sworn I saw his eyes staring at me as I left....


Posted by WinterRoseStone in WinterRoseStone's Blog, 29 July 2014 - - - - - - · 27 views

It's the life that we choose,

The one that we live.

It's the life we hold on to,

That we pray has no end.

You pray for forgiveness,

To a being you don't know is there.

You fear the day will come,

When fear is no longer fear.

You hide in the light,

Of a world filled with shadows.

You cry in your dreams,

Hoping for someone to save you.

A new day has come,

You are free now.

But what will you do,

When you discover the day,

You thought was for you,

​Was a fantasy all this time.

The one you ran off to,

The day you died.

The Negativity

Posted by Kyono Kyōki in Kyono no kotoba! \(^w^)/, 29 July 2014 - - - - - - · 34 views

The Negativity
We all suffer at some point in life
There's negativity everywhere
Lying, Stealing, Murder and Rape.
Molestion, Depression, Abortion.
Everyone knows about at least one of these.

But there are opinions on these things
Sometimes balanced
Sometimes not.
But even so, stand for your opinion.
There's no wrong or right.
Because wrong or right
is basic judgement of opinions

So, you see.
Life's laws and rules
Are all opinions
some got to be solidified to requirements
some missed that chance.
but agree to disagree sometimes
Because your opinion matters as much as anyone else's

No matter how insignificant you THINK you are, you matter, so never forget that! ^_^

Trying My Hardest

Posted by BlackAngelWings in Poetry, 29 July 2014 - * * * * * · 42 views

Giving my all

To conceal my heart

And not to let my true feelings show

Not to show myself

Trying my best

To get something right

To make something beautiful

But to no avail

Wishing with all my heart

That someone could hear

My silent pleas and sobs

Or truly notice my pain

Hoping to myself

That the world doesn't seem me

In the same way I see myself

Or doesn't see me at all

Working my hardest

To measure up to her

To be as beautiful and loved

~ ~

Day 1

Posted by gunshygreenguy in Day 1, 25 July 2014 - - - - - - · 25 views
bees, queen, what, bee, bugs and 5 more...

Day 1 today is my first day as the bee queen
some may want to correct me and state that it is clearly the "queen bee"
but no
you are wrong
i am who i am and you can't change me
my black and yellow stripes may not be real
but those stripes
are soft and prickly, just like a real bee
i have created 2 robotic arms and attached them to my nicolas rib cage
i do all of this for the authentic experience
there is a reason why i had wires implanted into my forehead
and my nose removed
and a set of four fake wings surgically attached to my back
and my colon inverted to simulate a stinger
i'll do anything
anything at all
so that one day
i can finally be
a bee

My Last Blog Entry Until August 4th

Posted by KingKrystal in KingKrystal's Daily Blog, 23 July 2014 - - - - - - · 36 views

Well, i finished Mirai Nikki. The outcome of the Main Character disappointed me. I really got nothing to say. Except, i miss my sweetie. I hope to see him sometime soon. I guess my heart aches a bit. I dont just wanna text him. I wanna hear him. I wanna touch him. I wanna hold him.… Well, have a great day guys.

Im going on a long trip, so I most likely wont have time for this.

Missing You More Than I Should..

Posted by +MissMisa+ in ☠I'maBanana☠'s Blog, 21 July 2014 - - - - - - · 42 views

so not too long ago, my best friend ditched me for random dude she met on FB ... and before all that, all i got was mad at her for even talking to him because being the friend i am, i was worried for her safety and i wanted her to not even so much as be his friend on there...she didn't know him...
so then, as time went on, me and her's arguments grew longer and more harsh. We became more bitter towards one-another, and eventually, it got to the point where i just didn't want anything to do with her.
i ended up breaking them up.
i don't remember, honestly.
i think she broke up with him because she wanted me happy...
i wanted HER happy... i always have...
now keep in mind. this guy lives in a totally different state.
she lives in MY state.
time went on, and i begged her to get back with him because she was only truly happy when she spoke to him...
so, they got back together and before i knew it, everything between us went downhill... she started being distant... she deleted me on FB so that if i saw her online and i'd messaged her, i wouldn't freak out and blow her shlit up if she wouldn't answer. (which she ALWAYS would no matter what. even if i was going through something, like always. then he came along...)
i asked her to add me back.
she didn't...
time went on and one day her bf was on her account
(they gave each other the log ins to each others accounts to prove they can trust one-another..)
and she was dying her hair and left her tablet unattended..
her bf decided to tell me that i was being a horrible friend..that he was a better bf than i was a best friend..
she came back a few minutes later, and i asked her if she read ANYTHING he had said to me.
she said yes. and that it made her giggle...
that was the end of everything..
i flipped shlit and told her that i was ALWAYS there for her through EVERYTHING. no matter what. i had helped her through tough nights when she was holding a razor blade to her wrists or thighs.. and she just....let everything go down the drain.. she ended up blocking all of my FB accounts. (i used to RP a lot so i had various accounts pertaining to my characters) and i haven't heard from her since that day.... then she texted me with a photo of her daughter wearing My Little Pony pj's and said "i know we don't talk anymore, but i thought you might like these" (i LOVE MLP XD) i never replied...
my fiance says that if her and her bf break up, then i can try and talk to her again... but i have to wait until she comes to me...
see, the thing is, she's only with him, i think, so that she isn't alone...
just yesterday i saw her for the first time since we split apart.
i hadn't made any eye contact with her that day..
but i know her well enough that i could feel her vibe from 2 feet away... she's hurting... and i can't help her... she's alone even when he's right next to her...
he lives here now... with her...
someone who she doesn't even know... and it scares me...but i can't help... she won't listen to me anyway...
me and her were inseparable... best friends till the end... guess that changed in the blink of an eye, huh... i guess I'm just venting here.. i'm not asking for advice... i just... need to let this out. it hurts.. it really does... but she doesn't know...maybe one day our paths will cross again...as if things will ever be the same...

death note

Posted by Vegetaria in Vegetaria's poems, 20 July 2014 - - - - - - · 47 views

A line to depict some characters
crouch on a chair second guessing
Justice in the wrong
young with a deep love and with deep hatred
A mirror of the master yet the one to finish the task
Competitive till the end, choclate!!!!!
Young impressionable and strong despite the hardships
Fighting till death did him part
How interesting, what a … juicy apple

Please leave in the comments who you think each line is before you read the answer list and feel free to disagree with me

Mr. Yagami
Ryuk(obviously, Apple's)

Lulz Sec. Vs Cia

Posted by TrollerLexi123 in ANIME BANANAS, 18 July 2014 - - - - - - · 44 views

Does Anybody Know http://www.lulsec.com beacuse it was seized by the C.I.A

How many types of cheap mermaid wedding dresses

Posted by lonely in lonely's Blog, 18 July 2014 - - - - - - · 33 views

Marriage can be said to be one the happiest events in our life, not just invite friends and family to validate the marriage. The powerful bridesmaids group is also an indispensable presence. For the brides, the wedding dresses is mainly white and ivory, but for the bridesmaids, it can be said a variety of colors. However, whether the bride or bridesmaid, they all have various styles to choose from, cheap mermaid wedding dresses have graceful figure which can be revealed beyond doubt and cheap mermaid wedding dresses become the first choice of many people
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First, the cheap mermaid wedding dresses styles is classic and timeless, you need to communicate with designers about some details for design to make the appropriate changes in the extent feasible, and you need to tell the designer what is your underwear on that day for designer can custom made your cheap mermaid wedding dresses to grasp the size of the reserved space.
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Second, you can pick magnificent colors. Prom wedding parties is at the end of the wedding ceremony, and friends are celebrating. As you need wear the cheap mermaid wedding dresses to dance, the bride needs to show a lively, generous and energetic feeling, so the colors can be eclectic, boldly to make color choices as jumping so that the bride has become the focus of the audience. However, the choice of colors should also pay attention to whether their colors can match their skin color and temperament.
Posted Image

Cheap mermaid wedding dress, the same can put our temperament perfect foil out, of course, you want what style is based on their own preferences, good mood to wear clothing with good flavor.

Eating Disorder?

Posted by MADDYTURTLE in MADDYTURTLE's Blog, 18 July 2014 - - - - - - · 58 views

It might be stupid and I might get made fun of but I feel like this is a safe place to share so if you're going to be a d*ck and act like what I'm asking is obvious STOP READING AND DON'T COMMENT! Because I'm writing this for a reason.And if you're a decent human being you know I'm just asking for a answer.

So lately my mother had pointed out to me that i haven't been eating alot,i didn't realize it until she had said something but she is right I haven't.I'm not not eating on purpose I just forget and won't even eat all day except a small dinner.I'm not doing this on purpose I'm completely fine with my physical appearance I don't think I'm fat and I don't think I'm a twig.

I sometimes will be laying or sitting still and I will get dizzy,I also get dizzy when I stand up sometimes.I try and force myself to have a snack but when I try I feel like I'm going to throw up so I just won't eat because I'm scared to throw up. When I'm hungry ill eat but that's rare,I'm starting to scare myself because of this I honestly don't know what to do.

If I was unhappy with my physical appearance I would do something like work out and watch what I eat like I have in the past to loose some weight,but I don't hate my physical appearance.I think this started after school got out no one's there to tell me it's time to eat breakfast,lunch,dinner.I'm not saying I need to be babysat but no one is there to keep me in check but myself.My mom works all day and I stay in my room all day so she never knows when I eat.

I truly and starting to scare myself and again I don't know what to do and if you say "just eat!" I can't its hard.I don't enjoy forcing myself to eat and it's bad I have to sometimes.All im asking is Do i need to get help? Is anyone else going through this? Should I see a doctor? WHAT THE HELL DO I DO!?

Its bad enough I get called "Emo Satan worshipper Cutter" I don't need anorexic added to the list.

So yea I would like your opinion and this is my first blog I know it must suck but I had to try.

And I have nothing against people who worship satan I just don't appreciate being call that when I'm not,I don't really like the word "emo" and as for cutting I have and ill talk about that about time.

So yea thanks for reading! :D


Posted by pippalynne in Slightly Intimidating..., 17 July 2014 - - - - - - · 41 views

Hey guys:p

its currently 12:18, and I just had my second anxiety attack. Ive had GAD for a while, but nothing serious, or ever worth mentioning. But what just happened was terrifying.

I was just walking down the stairs and I just got really scared and started breathing really fast. I ran back up to my room, sat down and tried to calm myself down. Im better now, but damn.

the first time this happened was way worse.

I woke up the other morning, scared out of my mind. It was only 6 am, and I normally sleep till noon. I kept telling myself to stop freaking out and go back to sleep, but that made it worse. Then there were these noises on the part of the roof next to my window that sounded like metal being drug across the shiddles, and I ran downstairs and just sat in the living room crying and breathing too fast. I just couldnt shake that fear.

im going home in a couple weeks to start school. Should I see a doctor when I get there? Or is this normal?

im still really nervous and jumpy.

Choose what you want.

Posted by demoninsideusall in demoninsideusall's Blog, 16 July 2014 - - - - - - · 48 views

I am going on 15 years old and I'm friends with people who range from 14-20. Recently a guy, lets call him Z, moved in about a month or so ago. I started hanging out with some friends and I was introduced to him. We started talking and one thing led to another and we have this "fling" going on. Mind you, I'm only 14, almost 15. He's 20, almost 21. I really like him and despite him constantly reminding me that he likes me and wants me but is afraid of getting caught, he still kisses me and holds me. I enjoy it, a lot. I have smoked weed with him about twice and he's offered me alcohol which I have denied. Lately he has been ignoring me for almost three days and talking to another female and he's been acting like he likes her even though he denied liking her when I asked him one night when I was high and him and some other friends including me broke into the pool in our apartment complex and went swimming. Now he's constantly hanging with her and it seems like he likes her and I just don't know what to do. He says he likes me but isn't showing it like he used to. He won't even respond to my text messages. He's talking to my friends but not me and it's aggravating me terribly. I just don't know what to do. Ugh.

Reflection Time

Posted by EFlo141 in My Life's Own Blogs, 14 July 2014 - - - - - - · 33 views

So Im in my dorm room watching some Robot Chicken and thought to myself: "Wow, its only so many days left 'till this deployment is finally over." Looking back on everything, this was my first deployment and its also my last. I mean, its not supposed to be perfect or enjoyable all the time; but it was definately an adventure that I would not ever forget. I mean there are some memories that I wish I could forget and others that I would keep locked up in my mind for as long as possible. I wish some of the bad memories would go away, but I know its not possible; as bad as it is they are my memories. Whether it makes me stronger, Im not too sure, but I feel stronger..as if im capable of overcoming the greatest of challenges in life because of that. Serving in places few people would even voluntarily dare to go, being there as history happens. I mean I was in Afghanistan as they FINALLY started to wind things down and send troops home from there...I was there and I will be able to tell my kids and grandkids that I was there. I am proud to have been part of this deployment. It wasnt the most glamorous and the things that happened back home didnt make me feel any better, but I am a better person because of that. Its made me wiser, more mature and alot more aware of the world and its expectations. Anyways, gotta get some rest for work tomorrow. This is EFlo141 signing off!

- Danny F

The House

Posted by BlackAngelWings in Bad Dreams, 13 July 2014 - - - - - - · 70 views

So I was walking outside at night, and this guy with a mask on came up behind me and covered my mouth and eyes then dumped me in his car. I was in his house with 6 other girls, none of them really talked much. I texted my friend Zach that I had been kidnapped, and got no response. The man took one of the girls in a room and I think he raped her. I tried to escape, but I was caught and he hit me hard. After I had been there a week, I tried to get my location and text it to my mom so she could rescue me, but he caught me with my phone and threw it away. I found out he had herpes and I got extremely scared of contracting it so I screamed any time I saw him. I later saw that he had a daughter, whom he had also raped, and she liked me so I took care of her to avoid him. Some of the other girls were talking about escaping at Christmas, and I screamed because I couldn't stand the thought of six months in the house. Then, I woke up.


Posted by Nayru in Nayru's Blog, 10 July 2014 - - - - - - · 51 views

In times of trouble, when it seems as though I am the only person left who cares
When it seems that I might be alone in this world that’s full of strangers
I look around to see only the toils and the snares.

Some might say that the loneliness will help a person grow,
That the pain you feel will only make the good times better.
But what about those of us who find ourselves to be below the status quo?

Why is it that the rich and fit are the ones considered ordinary?
Why is it that people who don’t fit into this “norm”
Are considered outcasts instead of extraordinary?

This country, founded on equality puts all of us on different planes.
My differences are considered a nuisance that no one can quite fix.
The one who has the money and the looks is the only one who gains.


Posted by rose in whisper, 10 July 2014 - - - - - - · 39 views

were all diein

some ani't even trying

some try to force it

other explore it

no such ting as happy begining

any tearless night

ever any fights

broken branches

one by one

no one every said the sky won't dark

or that life won't be loud

sorry that i can't everything you think you see

yet it more then meets the eye

and we should all know



Posted by A PurgatoryInmate in This is my new poetry place, 06 July 2014 - - - - - - · 47 views
poems, stuff, Songs

I curse at you angels above for your wings belong to her now. I will heavy your hearts, your so very righteous hearts and bring you down to the world your God has created. Your eyes will bleed with the works of your own art. You'll see what the faceless Lord has crafted with the help of your hands, you'll see a polluted world so dark And That's not the worst part, the real angels who walk the earth are the ones who suffer this pollution. I will desecrate your world has you have ours. I will not praise you, i will not worship you, i will stand up and fight. You are the cause for all this wrong, your followers don't realize their devotion, their hope is put in the wrong being. Well I'm seeing...I'm seeing this for what it truly is.

Why do bad things happen to me

Posted by lemons in lemons' Blog, 06 July 2014 - - - - - - · 42 views

Well recently a whole bunch of horrible things have happened to me. And im just here like why me?
Look i'll give you an example but im gonna change the names. So about a month ago some idk mean, bad people took my fosterbrother that we were gonna adopt. Let's say his name was Zac. But this couldn't just happen once cuz about four months before that the same fudgging people took my foster sister and lets say her name was Karen. Wich has left me in this kind of depresion cuz i was really atached to both of them....so yea. Anyway yup what do yall think? :words: I really need a hug :hug: :shakefist:

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